Do You Know Which Ford Truck is the Best Match for You in Burton, OH?

There are two avenues for discovering which Ford truck will make the best on-road resource for what you do and where you go around Chardon. By jumping online to browse our digital truck inventory, you can see what's available right from the comfort of your Ohio home. Or, for your second avenue, you can navigate to our West Center Street location where you'll meet the professionals who support the customer-first mission of Preston Ford. Either way, you'll see the array of new Ford trucks that exist with the intent of accomplishing the work and complimenting the lifestyle you take pride in near Burton, OH.

Not every customer who visits us from the city of Painesville will have the same needs. That's why our Ford inventory consists of more than one size truck. There are also different levels of overall capability so that whatever jobs you have lined up, you'll have the proper level of Ford truck that can tackle it head-on. Did we mention the number of features boosting technology, safety, and comfort that you'll have access to in this Ford lineup? If you're coming to us unsure about which Ford truck would make your greatest match, here's a rundown of what you'll find in our Ford showroom.

  • Midsized Pickup Truck: Ford Ranger
  • Light-Duty Full-size Pickup: Ford F-150
  • Heavy-Duty Pickups: Super Duty Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450

If you're still unsure after seeing these options, that's what makes our Ford-focused staff so special. After hearing your story about what you're looking for, they will walk you through each Ford truck and help you understand the differences so that you'll make an informed final decision. Going this extra mile is what makes customers living in Chagrin Falls so impressed and satisfied with each interaction they have with Preston Ford. The insightful interactions you have with our sales staff will only continue when you meet the professionals in our finance center who will share the details about the Ford leasing and financing options. Find out if your best match is the new Ford Ranger or a Ford F-150 model today.

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