Find the best Ford sedan lease specials in Burton, OH

Buying a new Ford sedan isn't Burton, OH area drivers' only option when they're seeking a new car. Here at Preston Ford, we're happy and proud to offer drivers a great selection of new Ford sedans to lease, and with excellent incentives to do so.


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Our lease specials are a great way to save money and reap many of the same benefits as buying a new Ford sedan. We're always rotating our lease specials, which means you'll find fresh deals on a regular basis. Leasing a new Ford sedan from us means you'll enjoy affordable monthly payments and the latest capabilities, technologies and conveniences - without the commitment of buying a new car. Some popular models you'll often find in our lease specials include the Ford Focus, the Ford Fusion the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Taurus. Our team is passionate about outfitting our customers with the best model and best lease deal for their preferences, needs and budget, so you can count on us to ensure you drive away with the right model and deal.

We encourage you to check out all our current Ford sedan lease specials here our website. These deals are often changing, so if you don't see something you like right off the bat, check back soon. We'd be happy to highlight any Ford sedan in person for you whenever you'd like to pay us a visit, as well as take you for a test drive and discuss the details of your lease.

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